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At DNAFRESH.COM we are continually striving for the best thus we are open to recruiting new talent from diverse backgrounds both for regular and remote work.

Jobs for Summer 2019:

Marketing Manager

Web Developer

Product Researcher

Please leave your contact details in the form provided below and then we will get back to you, thank you very much for taking your time.

  1. Jonathan – This is Nicholas / just saw your post from YESTERDAY (July 20th) – Sent an email in the…


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  1. Jonathan – This is Nicholas /

    just saw your post from YESTERDAY (July 20th) – Sent an email in the reply box – And will paste it here, also.

    _as posted on CL reply email:

    Good afternoon. This is Nicholas Carter. Your post on CL was seen… 24000 (suppose that means 24K, RMB?)…,

    Marketing, Sales, Tech Support.

    Are you really based in Shenzhen?

    Interesting product… and yes, you could use pin-pointed direction in your marketing.

    Much of it is missing the mark…. going in the wrong, direction (respectfully shared) – That means the closing is mostly likely, also.

    Clearly the passion is there… this is perhaps one of the most critical steps for marketing/sales… so that is good! Very!

    Lets connect – through simple conversation we can, together, determine if there is a fit in your company – how we can coordinate to help really get

    DNAFRESH … of the ground. / Add a lot of revenue to what you are already doing…

    Yes, Full Time help is available if an agreement could be decided, soon!

    14736470455 WECHAT

    call also if you can – 147-3647-0455

    Lastly , please email here to confirm you received and read this email. (



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